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Q&A Session of Coffee Break with TRANSFAC
Q&A Session of Coffee Break with TRANSFAC

Your first TRANSFAC analysis

Q&A: Coffee break with TRANSFAC

In this webinar Dr. Alexander Kel, the CEO and CSO of geneXplain GmbH, will introduce to you the basic principles of promoter analysis and identification of transcription factor binding sites. You will learn how to use TRANSFAC and perform your first steps towards the understanding of gene regulation. The following main questions will be in the focus at this seminar:

  • Transcription factors. Why they are important?
  • What are DNA binding motifs? TRANSFAC and JASPAR.
  • How to analyse promoters? Match and HOMER.
  • How to start and how to interpret the obtained results?


  • April 16, 6 PM CET
  • 1 hour
  • FREE online event

Key benefits

No-coding bioinformatics

Perform cutting edge bioinformatics analysis in a user-friendly interface with no programming skills needed


Learn how to process and integrate various omics data types in your analysis

Promoter analysis

Become the gene regulation expert with deep understanding of transcription factors interplay in various conditions

Pathway analysis

Discover the master regulators governing the studied biological processes through intracellular signaling pathways

Disease molecular mechanisms

Identify prospective biomarkers and drug targets for the pathologies of your interest by performing integrated promoter and pathway analysis

Gold standard tools and databases

Learn how to use the best-in-class knowledge bases on genes, proteins, transcription factors, pathways, drugs, and their targets, together with integrated tools


GeneXplain’s databases and software tools are very helpful for our research. The training program is absolutely amazing. It clearly shows to my students how to maximize results of analysis of our omics data! They can learn all the steps of the analysis  – from raw data preprocessing to unraveling the hidden molecular mechanisms behind the pathology we’re studying
Royal College Of Surgeons In Ireland (RCSI), Lecturer, Pharmacy And Biomolecular Sciences
The geneXplain “Click and Run” bioinformatics approach is absolutely perfect for my needs! I’ve discovered how to uncover the biological significance hidden within my data.
Maria Smetanina
Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, USA

Coming soon

Promoter hunting with TRANSFAC

Hands-on training

Paid course, €299 per seat before VAT. Date and time will be announced soon.

In this course we will learn how to apply TRANSFAC and study promoters and enhancers.

The following questions will be covered:

  • Principles of gene regulatory code
  • Identification of DNA motifs and TF binding sites
  • What are PWMs? Is that all? 
  • Insights to gene regulatory regions recognition and analysis

My way from promoters to pathways

Paid course, €299 per seat before VAT. Date and time will be announced soon.

In this course we will:

  • review the basic principles of gene regulation
  • discuss the evolutional advantages of high plasticity of gene regulatory networks
  • look at real case examples where computational methods are applied for identification of disease biomarkers, drug discovery and personalised medicine
  • learn several techniques of finding promoters and enhancers and the principles on which these methods are based on 
  • construct workflows „From genome to drug targets“ using the geneXplain platform
Hands-on training

Our lecturers

Prof. Dr. Edgar Wingender. The originator of the TRANSFAC database and the founder of the TFClass transcription factor classification.
Prof. Dr. Alexander Kel. The author of the Walking Pathways theory and the originator of the Upstream Analysis concept (integrated promoter and pathway analysis)

What to expect

  • Interactive, live online courses taught by outstanding lecturers
  • Core bioinformatics and systems biology knowledge clearly explained
  • Hands-on trainings with real tasks of applied bioinformatics
  • Interactive Q&A sessions and continuous support from our experts 

Who is teaching

  • The lecturers are renown opinion-makers in the associated fields
  • The hands-on trainings experts have over 15 years experience 
  • All experts have solid background in biology/IT