REspiratory microbiome and clinical Data AnaLysis for the prediction of acute exacERbaTions in COPD

REDALERT will develop the first-ever test to predict chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) exacerbations through analysis of the respiratory tract microbiome (RTM), integration with clinical parameters and stratification of COPD patients. The product will consist of an RTM analysis kit combined with a software platform for clinical decision making. It will allow routine sampling of microbiome data for COPD patients and enable better management through stratification.

Using machine learning tools, geneXplain will analyze the microbiome and clinical data and construct predictive models to predict exacerbations from the patients ’ RTM samples and associated clinical patient data. The predictive models will also help to perform disease mechanism stratification to assist clinical decision making.

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BMBF: 01QE1938B